Machine Work Tools

A wide range of work tools and other accessories add versatility to our machines. Reference the chart below and talk with your Fabick Ct representative about how we can help you get the right tool for the job.

Telehandler Hydraulic
Angle Broom X* X*    
Auger X
Bale Spear X* X* X
Bucket X X X X
Exhaust Purifer X X X X
Forks X* X* X
Grapple Bucket† X* X* X
Grapple Forks† X* X* X
Hammer X X
Mat. Handling Arm X* X* X X
Pickup Broom† X* X*
Shear†       X
Solid Tires†   X
Snow Plow X* X    
Truss Boom X* X* X  
Vibratory Compactor† X X
*IT Machines Only. Go here for Skid Steer Loader Work Tools

†Fabick Rents and Fabick Cat offer an extensive range of Caterpillar equipment. Although most machines are available by the day, week and month, minimum commitments may be required on some units.

=Fabick Rents
=Lincoln Contractors Supply