Road Widener Skid Steer Attachment

The flexible Road Widener skid steer attachment is a must-have for state and municipal highway departments, road contractors and landscapers that are looking for greater operating efficiency and greater productivity in road shouldering and other aggregate dispersal.


  • Empty weight 2,700 pounds
  • 8'4" width
  • 10'4" length
  • 4'3" height


  • Shoulders from 1-foot to 3.5-foot widths
  • Right or left discharge
  • Adjustable slope
  • Adjustable material depth
  • Variable speed
  • Universal mount for all makes of skid steers and compact track loaders
  • Hydraulic-driven conveyer belt (heavy duty 10" head and tail pulleys)
  • Extensions for use with different types of dump trucks
  • Capable of dispersing a 20-ton truckload of gravel in minutes
  • Can travel over 12 miles an hour while dispersing a perfect shoulder
  • Transportable on common-width vehicles; skid steer can lift Road Widener onto the trailer
  • Operator has precise control over placement of materials
  • Operator may tilt hopper forward to place material in front of machine
  • Precise maneuverability when shouldering around mailboxes, driveway approaches, street signs, intersections, cul-du-sacs, guard rails, etc.
  • American made

=Fabick Rents
=Lincoln Contractors Supply