Rental Policies

This is a brief overview of legal terms, conditions and other important information. A complete version is on the reverse side of the rental contract. In all cases, the rental contract is the final and binding agreement

For safety reasons, only qualified operators may use this equipment.

Payment terms are net 30 with an established account. Without an established account, the required deposit can be made with checks, MasterCard, Visa or Discover.

Rental charges begin when equipment leaves our yard (or arrives at your job if delivered) and ends when it is returned (or when you call for pickup). Rent will be charged for all time out as described.

Delivery and pickup are offered but not included in the published rental rates. Pickups will not be made until we receive a phone call that your use of the equipment is completed. Have equipment in an accessible location to eliminate damage to your property and our equipment.

Rental rates are based on the following: one day is 24 hours, one week is 7 consecutive days and one month is 28 consecutive days.

Overtime charges will apply if you use the equipment in excess of 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week or 160 hours a month.

Renter is always responsible for theft, vandalism, flat tires, negligence, abuse, misuse, routine maintenance, fuel and cleaning charges necessary to return equipment to the same condition as the beginning of the rental.

Damage beyond normal wear and tear is the responsibility of the renter and we will repair the equipment and charge the renter for all parts and labor required to return the equipment to proper operating condition. Please refer to your contract for details.

Certificate of insurance is required to rent all items from Fabick Rents. “Fabick Rents” must be named as “loss payee and additional insured.” Certificate of Insurance is required by Lincoln Contractors Supply to rent some items and must be named as "loss payee and additional insured" in those cases.

Damage Waiver (Lincoln Contractors Supply) is offered as an alternative to a Certificate of Insurance and is required in some instances. Please read the terms of the Rental Protection Plan for conditions and exclusions.

If you have a problem with the equipment, call the appropriate company immediately. We will replace or repair the equipment at our discretion, as soon as manpower and/or equipment availability allows.

Long term, multiple unit and high volume renters may qualify for discounts. Please call for special quotes.

Rental satisfaction guarantee: Fabick Rents and Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc. guarantee our customers complete satisfaction with the performance of any piece of equipment rented from us. If any piece of equipment fails to perform as designed, contact us and a mutually agreed upon adjustment can be made in the rental charges.

Rental Purchase Option

Fabick Rents:
Please see your Fabick Rents Rental and Sales Specialist for details on the Rental Purchase Option.

Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc.:
Only charges from the current rental can be applied, and only against the piece of equipment you have on rent (no substitutions). If you elect to purchase within the first 21 days, no rental will be billed. If you elect to purchase after the 21st day, 50% of all rental charges will be applied to the current value of the equipment to arrive at the selling price.

All specifications, pricing and offers outlined are subject to change without notice.